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Bring Your Tasks To Life
A simple and fluid way to get things done

Supporting iPhone & iPad apps also available

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DropTask - Visualize your workload

Visualize your workload

A colourful and powerfully engaging approach to help simplify even the most complex of projects.

DropTask - See who’s working on what

See who’s
working on what

Share the workload and stand united with features in task assignment, update requests & real time collaboration.

DropTask - Visualize your workload

Management without email

Spend less time in your inbox, and give yourself more hours in the day to get things done.

Access everything in one place

Attach files, set reminders and make a note of things to do - all
within one productivity boosting workspace.

DropTask - Access everything in one place

Shaping itself around your needs...

DropTask - Your simple ToDo List

Visual To-Do List

Complete all of your daily errands and easily plan anything from your vacation to your shopping list.

DropTask - Project Management

Project Management Software

Friendly enough for the entire team but with powerful productivity functionality for projects of any size.

DropTask - Time Managament

Time Management Software

Manage your workload efficiently and make sure you never miss a deadline again!

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DropTask coming to Android...Soon!

Android ...coming soon

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#Education. Do you have learners who struggle with task management and setting goals? Try a free visual app!

Not organized at work - try this : DropTask - Visual Task Management for Individuals and Teams via @droptask #cool

Used @droptask with Google - very easy. An useful tool for people who prefer not to use tables and lists

DropTask is very interesing, it allows for both visual and list project overview. #iconprague #allkindsofminds

If to-do-lists just aren't cutting it visually, give @droptask a crack. Pretty coloured circles make all the difference.

I absolutely love #droptask!! Great way of organizing your tasks.

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